Sculptor of the week: Steve Murphy

by admin on July 24, 2012

Steve Murphy


Murphy is a Houston-based sculptor, working primarily in steel, lead, graphite and wood.

He says about his work:

I am dealing with the classic elements of sculpture; form, volume, surface and edge.

This current body of work is the result of a continued reductive investigation of those sculptural elements. Minimalism is not strived for in these pieces but is referenced as a result of reducing these elements to simple geometric formats.

Many works have an element of motion. I find it interesting to position the pieces that do not actually move to a few degrees off of plumb and center to imply arrested movement or movement about to commence.

I work within a limited range of shapes, edge treatments and angles of repose. Juxtaposing these elements into multiple formats is what defines a body of work for me.

My intent is to be nonspecific in alluding to recognizable objects. In other words non-objective. I want the viewer to bring their references to the work and find their unique connection to the pieces.

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