About Texas Sculpture Group

The new Texas Sculpture Group (TSG) is taking shape and evolving into what we feel will be a vital, timely and provocative organization.  We are one of three affiliates operating in cooperation with the International Sculpture Center (ISC), and have already established our leadership format.  We are now accepting members at large and would be happy to have you join us in this gathering of sculptors and those in support of sculpture in the state of Texas.

Our initial idea was to organize a means for professional sculptors to socialize at different studios around the central Texas area.  We have opened our membership to also include other professionals that are interested in contemporary sculpture—such as dealers, curators and collectors.  At each meeting new friends are made and we become familiar with each other’s work.  In addition to studio tours, members may show images of their work, discuss exhibition possibilities, talk shop and adjourn for drinks and food. Networking happens while having some fun!

While we have sculptors who teach, it is not our intent to be dependent on academic support, create symposiums or hold technical demonstrations.  We want to promote our sculpture among ourselves and other arts professionals.  Both public and art-world awareness will develop as visitors come to our exhibitions, view our websites, read about us and meet TSG members.

Since we are presently organized between Austin, San Antonio and Houston, our events and meetings will center in these areas.  This area might expand in the future, and you do not have to be from this area to join.  Meetings occur once every 6-8 weeks. The membership dues are $150; these dues entitle you to membership in the ISC and you will receive Sculpture magazine and the benefits associated with that organization.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Texas Sculpture Group, Executive Committee