[Houston] “in-DEPTH” at the Art Car Museum opens Sept 7th

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Texas Sculpture Group Member Exhibition

Exhibition on View: Sept. 7, 2013 – Nov. 15, 2013

Opening Reception: Sept. 7, 7 – 10 p.m.

HOUSTON, Aug. 8, 2013 – As a participating space with the Texas Biennial, the Art Car Museum is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition titled “in-DEPTH.” This all-sculpture exhibition by 49 members of the Texas Sculpture Group provides a regional overview of current artistic practices in metal, ceramics, collage, wood and stone carving. The exhibition presents a balanced combination of abstract and figurative, serious and humorous works and reveals the supportive atmosphere cultivated by the Texas Sculpture Group. Many of the works incorporate natural materials specific to the Texas area where the individual artists work thus generating a truly Texas-made exhibition. “in-DEPTH” investigates a trend in Texas sculpture toward natural themes and materials. A vast, expansive state, Texas has numerous resources for artists in terms of art supplies. The exhibition is interesting in the variety of artistic techniques applied to similar materials. Houston artist James Ciosek uses firearms to carve lace-like patterns into found corrugated tin pieces; Corpus Christi artist Greg Reuter creates remarkable textures in iron and other metals; San Antonio artist Bill Fitzgibbons etches delicate lines and images into Baltic birch with an acetylene torch; and San Marcos artist Caprice Pierucci has an intricate, elegant carving technique that gives her pine sculptures a ‘woven’ appearance. A few of the works incorporate technology such as “Every Bath,” a poignant video installation by Austin artist Brooke Gassiot and “Abhaya Mudra Lila of the Wat Pho Buddha,” a found object wall assemblage by Austin artist Steve Brudniak. The combination of talents and techniques presented in this exhibition indicates the inclusive and open atmosphere that exists in the Texas arts community, an atmosphere not easily found in California or New York, and one which the Art Car Museum works diligently to promote.

List of Artists: Jan Ayers Friedman, Jerolyn Bahm Colombik, Jill Bedgood, Karen Bolton, Steve Brudniak, Susan Budge, Danville Chadbourne, Valerie Chaussonnet, James Ciosek, Roger Colombik, Erin Cunningham, Steve Daly, Kurt Dyrhaug, Bill Fitzgibbons, Susan Fitzsimmons, Virginia Fleck, Jerry Freid, Brooke Gassiot, Amy Gerhauser, Larry Graeber, Andrew Bellati Green, Jack Gron, Thomas Jack Hilton, Dewane Hughes, Julie Isaacson, Meredith Jack, Pam Jarvis, Eric Krause, Ken Little, Lee Littlefield, Peter Mangan, Wells Mason, Colleen McCulla-Thomas, Bill Molthen, Steve Murphy, Michelle O’Michael, Caprice Pierucci, Susan Plum, Chasity Porter, Cat Quinitanella, Greg Reuter, Jonathan Sanders, Paul Seeman, Sabine Senft, Judith Simonds, Ishamel Soto, Laura Sturtz, Tanya Synar, Gary Webernick.

About the Texas Biennial The Texas Biennial is an independent survey of contemporary art in Texas, founded to create an exhibition opportunity for all artists living and working in the state. In the fall of 2013, the Biennial celebrates its fifth anniversary with a range of exhibitions and other programming at venues in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Marfa and San Antonio.

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