by admin on August 31, 2017

Hello TSG members,
Over the past several days we have all seen, or experienced, the horrible situation as Harvey slowly moves its way across the southern portion of our state leaving devastation in its wake.  The results are at once heart breaking, but also reaffirming as we see the generous outpouring of assistance from across the region and nation.  Through various outlets I have been able to keep in touch with several members who have been in the path of the storm, but would like to take this moment to check in with everyone to assure that you are safe, or determine if anyone needs help, or knows of others who might.  Also, I would like to see if there are members who are in a position to offer assistance.  Being that communication can be difficult or even impossible during times like this, I will have this posted on our website, the Texas Sculpture Conspiracy page, as well as on Facebook.  Of course our thought and prayers are with our sculpture family at this time, but lets keep each other informed, and lend a hand if at all possible.
Thank you all, it is an honor to be part of such a great group,
Dewane Hughes
President, TSG
Professor of Sculpture, UT Tyler

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