International Sculpture Center — With Texas Sculpture Group membership comes International Sculpture Center Membership. ISC has many great resources for its members.

Call for Entry sites 


Funding, Grants, Awards

Online Art Newspapers

Public Art

  • Mailing List Labels Packages – Directory of percent-for-art and art in public places programs, with mailing labels and forms for contacting them.
  • Art in Embassies Program – places art in embassies around the world.


  • Regal-Plastics - Great resource in Austin for Plexiglass and One Shot enamel paint.
  • Capitol Stamp – Rubber stamps and so much more. These guys don’t look like much but they really deliver the goods.
  • Betz Art Foundry - Capable of casting and creating sculptures, committed to the artist and their projects. Having a foundry that supports the artist and understands their needs is imperative but often hard to find. (Contact Lori Betz)

Art Photographers

DIY Artist Websites

Studio spaces


Pump Project Art Complex

Big Medium


San Antonio

Please Contribute!


Please Contribute!


 Please Contribute!